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20 types of animation techniques and styles

We know that the animation process includes the creation of movement illusion by quick displaying a sequence of static pictures completely different from one to another. It’s ubiquitous within the current digital world. Motion pictures, commercials, movies, and different media always use stop motion animation in addition to 3d modelling features. 2D or 3D figures […]

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Anime Studio – Easy Animation and Tokyo Ghoul

Most animations have dramatic moments or emotional confrontations. The appropriate use of action scenes can drive a story forward and heighten tension and drama, setting a hero apart from other characters as he or she overcomes an adversary or is defeated only to rise again. Have you been interested in graphic techniques that help the […]

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How to Design an Album Cover

Some people say “Do not judge the book by its cover” but it is hard to deny that it is a cover that we see before perceiving the content behind it. A good cover of a book, anime movie or cartoon helps to attract broader attention to your work. A good cover can be a […]

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How to Create a Character

Once you have decided to make an animated movie, you might need to create a unique character for it. In Clilk animation editor you can always use a ready-made character sticker from the gallery of albums but you can also create a new one. Moreover, you can animate the sticker and apply some basic effects […]