Gacha Life animation characters

gacha life animation

As you probably know, Gacha Life is the whole new world of characters that could be dressed or designed as you want. You can create a true hero in this app. But what next? Have you ever thought about animating those heroes and making a story about them?

In this article, we will show you how to animate your Gacha Life characters and create your own cartoon with your personal ready-made anime stickers. You will see how easy it is. The only thing that you need to animate your character is Clilk animation studio. First of all, you need to choose the device for making animation — mobile app or desktop browser. Anyways, the process is quite similar in both cases.

Create your Original Character (OC) in Gacha Life

Gacha Life animation characters

You can choose the type of your anime character, its hair design, clothes, facial expressions and body positions.

Gacha Life animation characters
Create your Original Character

Once you are satisfied with your character, you just need to take a screenshot and save the image. Don’t forget that you will probably need several screenshots with your OC in different body positions.

How to make a screenshot? It depends on the device. If you use a mobile, you usually need to press the power button for a few seconds and then tap on the screen. If you use a laptop or tablet, it also depends on the operational system: for windows — press PrtScn button, for mac — press Cmd+Shift+4, for chromebooks — hold down Ctrl + Switch window key. You can always google this visual copy-pasting method.

Turn screenshot into sticker in clilk

It is easy. You just open Clilk in your browser or on your mobile and tap on “Create”. Now you are in the Clilk animation studio. Click on “cloud” icon to download the screenshot you have just taken and you will see it on the right panel.

Gacha Life animation characters
Download your screenshot to Clilk animation editor

Edit your screenshot by applying the magic wound and crop the image to make a nice sticker. Once your sticker is in the clilk gallery, you can drag it on the scene and animate by applying actions, writing dialogues, placing subs and uploading soundtracks.

Gacha Life animation characters

Tap on the pencil to edit the screenshot that you have just uploaded into clilk animation studio.

Gacha Life animation characters

Click on the magic wound and then on the background to erase the white spot. Don’t forget to save the changes.

Gacha Life animation characters

Crop the image with the cropping tool and save the sticker.

Gacha Life animation characters

Now you have the sticker in your gallery and can apply animated motions, comic babbles, subs and sounds.

We hope this article was helpful for those who always wanted to create a cartoon with original characters of Gacha Life but did not know what to begin with. Probably Clilk animation studio will help you to embody all your creative ideas.


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