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Once you have decided to make an animated movie, you might need to create a unique character for it. In Clilk animation editor you can always use a ready-made character sticker from the gallery of albums but you can also create a new one. Moreover, you can animate the sticker and apply some basic effects to it.

In this article, we will give you a few tips of what you need to make a character for animation and what are the easiest ways to make it live.

1. Prepare a Character Sticker.

You can draw a character on a sheet of paper and make a photo of it or you can find a character among thousands of pictures on the internet. Once you have chosen a picture of a character in any format (jpeg, png…), you need to upload it to the Clilk-editor.

How to Create a Character
How to Create a Character
  • Enter the Clilk editor and press the upload button.
  • After the picture appeared on the editing board, you can edit it.
  • Click on the picture then on the “+” label and on the pencil label.
  • Now you have 3 options to edit your sticker:

Magic wand erases solid background you click on.
Eraser deletes just the area that is covered by it.
Crop Tool crops a rectangular area that you mark.

2. First Person Narration. 

In order to make a first-person narration, you need to imitate the character’s point of view. So whatever happens on the scene, it could be literally framed in characters eyes.

make sticker character
  • Enter the Clilk editor and put all the characters and backgrounds on the editing board.
  • Compose the scene.
  • At the very start of your animation put two Text Labels of black color in the upper part of the screen and in the bottom. Those labels imitate the character’s eyelids.
  • Make the character blink from time to time. Just cover a bigger area of the screen with the eyelids-shutters.

3. Facial Emotions.

If you want to animate your character’s emotions, you just need some extra eyes and mouth stickers.

character emotions
  • Find a character and additional emotions (eyes and mouth) in Clilk albums or make a character and emotions by yourself.
  • Upload the character and emotions to the Clilk editing board.
  • Put your character on the scene and the emotion sticker on the side-scene.
  • Apply an action and set a “0” time mark.
  • Set the emotion sticker on the face of your character.
  • Preview the movie and you will see that the character changes its facial emotion right away.

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