How to Make Animation Effects


It is always very surprising when you see an unusual visual effect in a film and then it turns out that it was easily made of very basic tools. Cinema lovers know that spaceships of Star Wars are not huge vehicles but small toys combined with cosmic background. Blood in Dracula has never been real, Peter Pan and Harry Potter do not really fly but hang on ropes or sit on a broom in front of a green or blue background. All these visual hacks create a very special cinema magic that grabs our attention and make us love those crazy movies. 

If you like animation, try to create your own cartoons or anime with Clilk. You can easily make impressive effects using just fundamentals of animation. We have prepared a short introduction on Clilk visual effects, so that you can use them and make your own animated world.

Two top and most basic animation effects in Clilk are rain effect and flash effect. Try it yourself!

1. How to make a rain effect?

In order to make a rain effect in Clilk, you just need to combine a background and a rain sticker.

  • Set the rain sticker on some background.
  • Apply an action.
  • Set time of the action – 0.2.
  • Flip the rain sticker.
  • Apply another action with the same time mark and flip the rain sticker again.
  • Repeat this combination of actions several times, and you’ll see the rain in your movie.

2. How to make a flash effect? 

Let’s imagine that you want to make an unexpected turn in your Clilk-story or to enhance a thrilling emotion. You might want to make a flash effect.

  • Compose a scene.
  • Apply a square balloon and make it fill the whole scene.
  • Set the time of the balloon — 0.1.
  • Repeat the balloon for even more emotional effect.
  • Make a change on the scene.
  • See the result.

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