Animation has never been easy, but now it is. Clilk gives a wonderful opportunity to make a beautiful animation without hours of a headache. With Clilk you can focus on a story itself and create an anime movie or cartoon with your favourite characters. The superpower of Clilk is a combination of cool stickers and the most basic animation movements. Here are some steps you should know for a quick start.


Step 1. Choose stickers.

Once you are in the Clilk-editor, press smiling face to add stickers to the editing board. Open an image pack, pick up several images and press Done. Don’t forget that there are two basic types of stickers: characters and backgrounds. Combine whatever you like. 

Step 2. Observe your stickers in the gallery. 

Pull up the blue marker with nine dots and you will see all the characters and backgrounds that you have chosen. 

Step 3.  Put your actors on the scene.

Just tap on a sticker, and it will appear on the scene. If you want a sticker to move forward or backward, just tap an icon on the left side. 

Step 4. Let’s add some action! 

Tap on the button +Add action in the bottom of your screen and choose an option:

Motion — move a sticker from point A to B, change its size, rotate and flip it. 

Balloon — add text to a comics balloon as if your character talks. 

Text Label  — add text that expresses the atuhor voice.j

Sound — add some music track to your movie. 

Step 5. Set the first action.

When you move a sticker, rotate it or make it speak with a comics baloon, Clilk memorises this action and mark it as a blue square with a label. You can see the actions you added in the action bar at the bottom of the screen. 

Motion & Balloon

Step 6. Set the second action.

Make another action and you will see it marked in the action bar. 

Text Label & Sound

Step 7. Set a transition between the actions. 

In the action bar you can see a timer between actions, by tapping on it you can choose one of three transitions between the actions:

Timer — set time of a motion, balloon or text label.

Merge — combine an action with a baloon or text label, so that they can appear simultaneously in your movie. 

Button — put a button on screen to make your movie more interactive and let people control the time of transition by themselves, so that they can focus on a long text or unexpected motion. 

Step 8. Make several scenes. 

Animation is supposed to have kind of logic and scene division. It helps people to perceive your content. In Clilk you can add a scene by tapping on the + icon and make a narrative consequence.

Step 9. Delete an action or a scene.

In order to delete an action or a scene, press it and then drag it to the bottom of the screen, until the pink delete line appear. 

Step 10. Make a preview of your animation.

Tap on preview button on the top of the screen, to see the result. If you are not satisfied, go back and continue editing. 

Step 11. Pick up a cover.

Just tap on a slide you want to be on the cover of your animation before saving it. The slide will automatically appear on the cover.

Preview & Pick up a cover

Step 12. Save and share your animation.

Once you are satisfied with your animation, you can save it to your profile and choose an access format for it: 

Only me — only you can see the animation.

Visitors — only you and your followers can see the animation.

Everyone — all Clilk community can see your animation and give likes.

Step 13. Write a title, description and manage coments.

Once you have saved your animation, don’t forget to write a catchy title, short description below the animation and open or close comments to it.

Step 14. Support good animation.

You can give likes, follow other clilkers and discuss their animations. Don’t forget to support those animations you really like, it will help to develop the community of Clilk animators.