Pokemon Cartoon Maker

Pokemon Cartoon Maker is a smart animation editor and a part of a bigger CLILK project, it is also a community of anime creators, fanfiction authors, and manga lovers.

Create your movies, share animation art with your friends, launch your channel and build a community around your visual novels. 

Pokemon Cartoon Maker
Pokemon Cartoon Maker

Use Pokemon Stickers

Pokemon Cartoon Maker has a rich sticker collection of your favourite pokemons. Animate ready-made pokemon stickers or create your pokemon stickers right in the app. Make new cartoons with pokemon characters! Free online animation maker gives you a wonderful opportunity to become a fanfiction author or a director of your own pokemon story. 

Animate Pokemon Characters

Pokemon Cartoon Maker gives you an access to basic animation tools such as spatial motions, labels, text balloons and special sticker editor. You can also manipulate shots’ time and create different animation effects online. Make your pokemon characters speak by uploading a voice track to animated movie or just add some music and make your cartoon unique. 

Pokemon Cartoon Maker

Explore Timeline Functions

Timeline is a short sequence of all actions that you applied to your animation. You can see all motions, sounds, text balloons and labels in the chosen order.

Pokemon Cartoon Maker

Change time of transitions between actions to create animation effects. Use slow transitions to make a sticker grow slowly, use fast transitions to make a sticker to appear immediately on the screen. Choose a bind of shots option to make actions to happen simultaneously. Finally, use interactive button, if there are a lot of words on screen, so that your viewer can press on the button and continue watching cartoon, when the reading is done.

Share Your Pokemon Cartoon

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