Smart animation maker for daily art

CLILK provides endless opportunities to create animated movies and launch your personal channel about TV shows or games universe.

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Create stickers

Upload photos, images and use the library of stickers

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Animate characters

Add motions, effects and upload music

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Make up a story

Write dialogues and create your visual novel

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Open Clilk editor

Press ‘plus’ icon on the top of animation feed to get into the Clilk editor. Discover the editing board and start creating your own animations.

Use Clilk sticker collection

Once you are in the Clilk editor, press the ‘smile’ icon and discover more than 10 thousand stickers for your movies and animations. Choose backgrounds and characters, then press ‘Done’ and you will see all the chosen images in your editing board.
Main Page
Main Page

Animate your stickers

When stickers are chosen, press ‘Add Action’ button on the editing timeline and choose a type of animation that you want to use. By choosing ‘Motion’ you can make your character or background move in various ways.

Save and publish

After your animation is ready, press ‘Save’ button and then ‘Publish’. Share your movie with Clilk community and find audience from all around the world. If you want you continue working on your movie late, you can publish it secretly by choosing option ‘Only me’ and share it with viewers, once the animation is completed.
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